Since 2006, Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry in India (JCCII) has worked as a pivotal organization working towards the welfare of Japanese companies in India.

Having started with around 100 member companies in 2006, today the organization has grown to a membership more than 400 companies mostly in and around Delhi NCR.


Warm Greetings to all of you.

I am Hiromichi Yagi of Mitsui & Co. India Pvt. Ltd. and I shall serve as the new President of JCCII in 2018.

In next ten years, India is expected to become the world's largest population nation and the middle income group will be doubled to 600 million people. India is progressively enthusiastic as a market and attracting attention from all over the world.

Despite the temporary economic growth slowed down due to the demonetization of high-denominated bank notes and the introduction of GST, under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership, who is promoting "Make in India" policy, with stabilized Government, forecast for Indian economic growth in 2018 is the highest in the world with 7.3%, and gross domestic product (GDP) is in the seventh place in the world.

In addition, Japan-India relations are continuously in a very stable and favorable situation, and both countries name each other as "special strategic global partnership" countries.

The Prime Ministers of two countries visit each other alternately, and when Prime Minister Abe visited in September 2017, he was welcomed by the crowd of 50,000 people in Gujarat State where the groundbreaking ceremony of Japanese Shinkansen project was held.

In the Joint Statement between Japan and India, agreements have been made to promote investments, human resource developments, and human interaction in various fields.

The number of Japanese companies entering into India are increasing year by year, and as of October 2017, there are 1,369 companies (more than double in comparison with October 2009). The number of JCCII members is 418 companies as of May 1, 2018.

In addition, the number of offices and factories of Japanese affiliated companies has reached to 4,838 as of October 2017 by expanding to multiple regional areas. However, the business is still not easy for Japanese companies as the business environment in India has many problems such as taxation, law, infrastructure, etc.

Under these circumstances, JCCII will continue to recommend to and consult with Indian Government through Kengisho activities and other forms with support from the Embassy of Japan in India in order to improve the business and investment environment in India which contribute to the progress of businesses and promotion of new investments of member companies, and mutual developments of Japan-India economy.

In addition to exchanging information and promoting friendship among the member companies, JCCII is engaged in activities to promote goodwill with various Chambers of Commerce in other areas. We kindly request all of you to actively participate in these activities.

Finally, I will do my best to be able to help the members of the Japan Chambers of Commerce & Industry in India. Many thanks to all of you in advance for your continued warm support and guidance.

Hiromichi Yagi
Chairman & Managing Director
Mitsui & Co. India Pvt. Ltd.


01/09/2011 JCCII Web Site has opened !!


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